RVA Fit Foodie

INSPIRING a balanced lifestyle with real foods, little sugar & lots of love.

-Austin (aka @RVAFitFoodie)


Meet Austin.

Austin Kitchen, aka “RVA Fit Foodie”, started her health journey in 2015 after experiencing a health scare that gave her a second chance to take her health more seriously. After re-evaluating what health meant to her, she decided to start a social media platform that encouraged followers to find their own version of balance.

With over 20,000 followers from around the world, Austin's vulnerability and realness with sharing her life has allowed her to connect on a deeper level with her community on personal health topics. Not only does she share healthy recipes and workout programs, but she speaks on motivation and self-care to be the best version of yourself. She believes that life is too short to restrict the foods you love from your diet, instead she inspires people to just LIVE by eating real foods, little sugar, and spreading lots of love.


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