My experience with letting go of stress and negative vibes...

I truly believe the process of cleansing your body of toxins begins with your mindset so I thought I’d share my experience with positivity and how far that can take you in life.

I look back at my, almost,  27 years of life and without a doubt believe that the past 2 years have been my healthiest, both mentally and physically, after learning that letting go of negative vibes only allowed for more positivity to come my way. Although I battled a health scare and have lost some friendships from growing in different directions, I know for a fact that I’ve gotten rid of so many negative toxins that continued to bog me down.

Negativity comes in many different forms: stress levels, poor friendships, unhealthy habits, being judgmental, not having an open-mind… the list goes on and on. For a long time, I held onto relationships (both people and habits) because it felt comfortable instead of letting go and moving forward. It finally hit me that sticking with comfortable would prevent me from being the best version of myself and encouraging the same for those around me. There were a few things that were easy for me to let go but most of this took a LONG ASS time (and are still a work in progress). 

A lot of you ask me on a daily basis where you should get started when trying to live a “healthier” lifestyle and the bad news is that it doesn’t happen overnight. BUT the good news is that there are simple to-dos to improve your health in more ways than just physical. I believe the process of cleansing your body of toxins begins with your mindset so I thought I’d share my experience with positivity and how far that can take you in life.

This is a tough one. I battle with stress constantly and it’s been more overwhelming than ever with my recent decision to take on this new adventure. There is such thing as positive stress and I think a lot of my stress comes from that area but sometimes it’s the latter. Positive stress motivates you, gets you in shape and challenges you to work harder. Negative stress immobilizes you and prevents you from taking action. I make it a priority to start every morning with three things:
•positive thoughts
•positive actions
•positive foods
This means waking up and immediately telling yourself that you’re going to kick some major ass that day. This means getting up and going to the gym to get your mind right before you go into the office. This ALSO means putting the right foods into your body to make you feel good about yourself and where the day is headed. This has probably been one of my most favorite habits because I notice how different my outlook is on the days started with this routine. 

It was a little bit easier for me to get rid of my unhealthy habits because of my health scare. I never truly understood how what I put into my body was affecting my daily mood. I think it can be tough for people to see how much of what you eat can attribute to your happiness. When I eat like shit… I feel like shit. I can no longer get down with the quick fixes. I needed something bigger, something better and something healthier. Once I implemented small changes into my habit, the overall BIG health goal became less daunting. All you need is 30 days to implement the good and it will most likely stick. I am a happier and more loving person because I have changed the way I look at what fuels my body.

As I’ve grown older, friendships have dwindled and I’ve learned a lot about the people I want to surround myself with. I’ve changed a lot, especially over the past year, so many of my priorities and interests are in different places than those of my friends from earlier stages of my life. There came a point in time where I realized life is about quality, not quantity. I’d much rather have a core group of quality friends that I can rely on than hundreds that barely know me. I want to be the real version of myself in every aspect of my life and its okay if some people don’t like me. I’m okay with not being friends with everyone because I have my homies that will love me no matter what.

It truly took me a lifetime to stop caring about what other people thought and FINALLY just do me. I still have moments where I catch myself acting a certain way because I think it will impress others but it’s a work in progress. Judgement is all around us and every single person judges whether it’s intentional or not. I have to actively practice being less judgmental on a daily basis. I’m learning that every person has a story, a reason for being the way they are, and it’s not my job to assume but it is my job to learn. Listening has been key in getting rid of this nasty toxin called judgement. Listen to the people around you and understand their story before you jump to a conclusion. Get to know them for where they’ve been and where they want to be. 

WHAT NOW? Honestly, I share this with you because letting go and staying positive has gotten me to where I am today. It’s helped me build great relationships, be successful in my career and live a happy/healthier lifestyle. You should try it out… I bet it would look good on you.