Why being selfish in your twenty-somethings is crucial.

Making “me time” a priority has been crucial in my self-confidence, relationship success and individuality. At this point in my life, with no kids or big responsibilities, you would think I have all the time in the world… well that’s just not the case. Our world today is fast-paced, hectic and continuously filled with a forward-thinking mentality. With my extremely active lifestyle and a career that is constantly on the go, I rarely have time to do something for just me. And let me be clear, this is not me complaining whatsoever. I choose to live a life of big ambitions and purpose which results in a crazy-ass schedule.

BUT I’ve always been a people pleaser. From as early as I can remember, I’ve been pulled in so many different directions because of my family dynamics, my passion for being around people and enjoyment of seeing others happy. I was saying yes to everything but never took a step back to see if those commitments were actually making me happy or fitting in my life plan. When does it become okay for you to be selfish and make decisions that grow your potential and take you in the direction of achieving your dreams?

We all know that life is short and it’s taken me 26 years to be selfish and not feel guilty about it. If you have a support system that truly wants you to be the best version of yourself, they will back your decision to JUST DO YOU for a while. This is not me telling you to let go of your responsibilities with your family, friends and coworkers but encouraging you to focus on yourself a little more. Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone to make big things happen. 

Some of my favorite moments have been just me, being me, and enjoying a simple adventure. Or hitting my biggest goal at work and celebrating by taking an unplanned trip alone. Or going out to my favorite lunch spot by myself to reconnect with my goals. I make it a priority to spend at least one morning every weekend doing something I love by myself (and let’s be real, my dog too). This alone time gives me clarity around the next steps towards my overall goals, both personal and professional. It also allows space for both James and I to have our separate identities which makes for a better partnership and friendship. He respects and encourages me to have “me time” and my own hobbies while I do the same for him. After having some separate time, we come back together with a ton to catch-up on, an energized outlook, an appreciation for our relationship and a desire to help one another be better.

I share my experience with being selfish because if you are in your mid-twenties, like me, you will one day look back and remember this as THE simple time in your life. Pretty soon you’ll be getting married and having babies and your priorities will completely change, which is a good thing. But along with all those changes comes responsibility, less time and a desire to people please once again. Now is maybe the only time you will have to just worry about yourself and following your dreams. Even if those dreams are to become a better yogi or travel more… make it happen! The people around you can wait but the world doesn’t stop turning so you have to make the most of the time you have now.

Be selfish, in the best way possible.