Motivation & Consistency

We all get into ruts where things are slow, we feel unmotivated and we tend to slack on our commitments. And guess what... that's totally okay. Life is face-paced and we all deserve a break every now and then. But the bigger challenge is beginning the process of goal planning. It can be paralyzing at first. This paralyzing feeling can cause us to feel stagnant, which then hinders the small steps towards the success we want.

It's a vicious cycle that I've seen play over and over again in my own life. My hope is to shed some light on my journey with motivation and my most successful tips for staying focused. I've either received this advice from mentors or experienced it first hand. Most of these are extremely simple and may seem obvious but sometimes you need to see it to believe it.

  1. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF: Even if you doubt your capabilities and aren't sure you're going to succeed. Be willing to fail and learn from your failures. Everyone fails at some point in their personal and professional life but the true testament is how you bounce back from that failure. Prove to yourself and those around you that you are resilient and can thrive in sh*tty situations. This is made possible through positivity, strategic thinking and innovation... if first you don't succeed......... you get the picture.
  2. SET YOUR GOAL(S): Both large and small. Identify your big goal then pinpoint smaller, more attainable goals, that all feed into your overall goal. This can be difficult at first but if you start to visualize where you want to be at the end, you will notice small wins make the goal look more and more attainable. Share and CELEBRATE the small wins with those around you. Let your support system know where you want to be and they will be your number one fans & advocates in your journey.
  3. UNDERSTAND YOUR GOAL: Connect with your goal. Don't set it because you feel like it's what you're supposed to want in life or where everyone else wants you to be. Set a goal that you are truly passionate about... that will motivate you and encourage you when times get tough. Once you understand it, write it down and place it somewhere you will see it everyday. Remind yourself why you and working so hard to get there and eventually it will just become part of you.
  4. ACCOUNTABILITY: Surround yourself with people who will only encourage you to be the best version of yourself. Find like-minded "accountabilibuddies" who will hold you accountable when you can't do it on your own. The most unexpected people will turn out to be your biggest advocates. I've found accountabilibuddies in gym friends, random coffee meetings and more experienced business professionals who I thought were too busy to care about my success. It's the people who you've only met a couple of times or who follow your success from afar that tend to check-in and support you in the most random ways. THOSE ARE YOUR PEOPLE!
  5. STAY ORGANIZED: Organization has been my best friend over the years when it comes to setting and attaining goals. I use my Outlook calendar for EVERYTHING (both personal and professional) and have a journal I keep my daily to-do's in. If it's a list, planner or calendar to organize your thoughts, just do it. My to-do list is new every single day. It doesn't just contain my work tasks, but also anything I need to get done on my personal agenda. I don't like my life being separate, so a joined list works best for me.
  6. BE ADAPTABLE & PATIENT: Be ready for everything to change... even your passions. One moment, your life can feel like it's in shambles and the next everything could fall into place. You MUST be adaptable. Adaptability has been instrumental in my success. I had my sights set on something specific for almost 8 months then something fell into my lap that I couldn't turn down. I immediately changed my action plan to achieve a different goal and my passions followed. I also think that staying humble and patient is so important when going through the process of achieving your goals. It won't happen overnight... but know that each day is a new day to do something great with your capabilities.
  7. JUST DO YOU: Throughout life, you will continue to change and morph into the person you want to be. Use this journey of going after you goals to figure out what you like and don't like in your life. Use it as a learning opportunity. You can always change your path... but only YOU can make it happen.