Healthy Snickers Bars

•1/2c PB or almond butter
•1/2c coconut sugar
•1/2 tsp vanilla extract
•4 tbs coconut butter or coconut oil
•3/4c GF baking flour
•3 tbs coconut milk
•1c dark chocolate

1. mix all wet ingredients (besides 1 tbs coconut butter and all the dark chocolate)
2. add chocolate chips or cacao nibs if you want to make it super special
3. roll into large ball and smoothie into a loaf pan then place in freezer for an hour to harden
4. melt dark chocolate and 1 tbs coconut butter in microwave stirrings o it doesn't burn then drizzle on top of cookie dough mixture
5. place back into freezer for 30 min then cut into large bar sizes.
. store in freezer and ENJOY!