Homemade Probiotic Coconut Yogurt

Spooning into Thursday couldn't be more magical because I finally perfected the homemade probiotic coconut yogurt I've been working on! This stuff is just as good as the brand we all love and you can even create your own flavors to mix things up.



  • 2 cans of organic coconut milk (I used the THRIVE Market brand)
  • 2 probiotic RAW Probiotics capsules (not pills but capsules that contain probiotic powder)


  1. Empty the full containers of one coconut milk can into glass jar then add the hardened coconut milk of the second container and only half of the liquids a the bottom to the same jar. (The more coconut liquid at the bottom of the jar you use, the less thick it will be in the end of the process.)
  2. Use a wooden spoon or plastic spatula (don't use metal because it's known to deactivate the probiotics) to make a smoothie consistency and remove as much of the chunks as possible. If you have a wooden whisk, this can be helpful.
  3. Break open the probiotic capsules and sprinkle on top of the contents in the jar. Then use your wooden spoon/spatula to mix it into all the contents in the jar.
  4. Cover the jar with a cheesecloth and rubber band (I used my nut milk bag so feel free to get creative if you don't have cheesecloth) and place in a warm, dark place for 48 hours. I placed the jar into my oven (turned off) during this time.
  5. After 48 hours, place into the fridge with a lid and let thicken for another 24 hours or so.
  6. ENJOY!