Self-care Favorites

Everyone loves some “ME TIME”… but realistically, how many of us actually make it a priority? Taking some time for myself has become a crucial part of my weekly routine to ensure I’m rejuvenated and giving life 100%. At first I struggled setting this time aside because I felt guilty for needing the space but then I realized I wasn’t doing myself a favor, or anyone else, if I wasn’t spending time to love myself.

I recently wrote a blog about why “being selfish in your twenty-somethings” is so crucial to personal growth… you can read it HERE. In a nut-shell, I give insight into how guilt, over the years, has disabled me from being able to live my life fully because I’ve always wanted to please others instead of putting myself first. I said yes to everyone around me for so long that I forgot to take a step back to see if those commitments were actually making me happy or fitting in my life plan.

Being older, and wiser (let’s hope), I’ve come to the conclusion that there is never a perfect time to start loving yourself more. If you allow for more personal time and self-reflection, it’s a great first start to the process. 

I’ve developed a few self-care favorites that have helped me relax, rejuvenate and really spend time focusing on me, without even knowing it. Everyone is different when it comes to ways they refuel, but these habits are what work for me and where I’m at in my life.

Morning workout sessions—These have been so helpful in clearing my head before the start of each day. It allows me to focus on my personal goals without thinking about work, to-dos or stressors. 

Turning off social media—I make an effort to stay away from social media when I wake up, which allows me to stay in-tune with myself during my workout but also not worry about what everyone else is doing. I also make an effort to turn my phone on airplane mode for at least 1 hour a day.

Cupping & massages-I've recently fallen in love with cupping and think it's been instrumental in my body being able to relax. There are so many benefits and I continue to see improvements every time I go. Cupping is known to loosen muscles, ease tension, reduce inflammation, encourage blood flow and relief back/neck pain. I currently go to Sacred Waters in Richmond. Let them know I sent you and you'll receive $20 off your first visit on a massage & other services.

Weekly “ME TIME”—I reserve at least 4 hours a week for me, myself and I. This usually happens on Saturday mornings where I take time to go to my favorite exercise class then head to a local coffee shop to do some brainstorming or just be in the moment. These things energize me and give me life to keep going the rest of the week. You gotta figure out what works for you and make it happen!

Salt baths—With the amount of stress we all take on, it’s so nourishing to allow your body to release the tensions. Salt baths have allowed me to unplug while giving my body the love it needs. With my active lifestyle, these soaks tend to keep me from getting super tight in my upper back and help my muscles recover.

Meal-prepping—This may not seem like a self-care item but to me, what you put into your body shows how much you love yourself. Meal-prep is life changing when it comes to my weekly routine. With so much going on each day, the last thing I want to stress about is what my next meal will be. Having prepared food in the fridge for on-the-go has given me the fuel I need to be the best me each day without spending tons of time in the kitchen.

Lunch away from your desk—I tend to get sucked into my desk during lunch hours because I’m usually running around for meetings the rest of the day. I’ve made an effort to step away from my desk during lunch to refocus for the rest of the day but also to allow my mind to turn off and focus on eating. There is something so satisfying about enjoying your meal without the distraction of email.

Spending time with loved ones—James and I set aside two nights a week to cook a meal together, eat out or just have a date night doing something different. This is a self-care task that helps our relationship grow and encourages us to reconnect even when things are crazy. This means we put our phones away and just have good conversations.

Walks—Long walks have been the best part of my day since we started the tradition. Since the time I moved in with James, we started walking the dogs every morning for 20 minutes or so. We don't take our phones, we don’t talk about anythings serious and sometimes we don’t talk at all. There is something to be said about soaking up the beauty of outside before a long day of hard work. Trust me, it’s been key to my morning happiness.