Baby Girl’s Nursery


We can’t believe our first baby is joining us in a few short weeks! Feeling very anxious to meet her while also trying to soak up these last moments with just us before she arrives. Decorating a nursery was about so much more than having a space for our little girl, it was an opportunity for James and I to really think about how we use each of the rooms in our small home. I’ve always had a very simple outlook when it comes to how I fill a home… the less things taking up space, the more I’m able to relax without worrying about extra clutter. We used decorating the nursery as an opportunity reuse old furniture, clear out clutter and redirect our energy to the things in our house that really matter and bring us good energy.

Our home decor has continued to evolve over the years but more recently we’ve been loving mixing together boho, modern and antique pieces to make our own style. Nurseries can be really expensive so we tried as much as we could to reuse furniture in our house or search for discounts on our favorite websites. If you’re decorating a nursery, redecorating your house or just in need of some inspiration, I hope this post encourages you to think about how to keep things simple so that you can be more in the moment in your home with the people you love.



Let’s start with furniture. Getting the big items can be the most stressful because they’re usually the most expensive. We were able to find some really awesome deals on some of our favorite websites (Amazon, Pottery Barn, Overstock, Wayfair) to make things happen. We purchased the Knox Convertible crib which was on sale at Pottery Barn Kids. We like the idea of a convertible crib that is neutral so that we can use it for future kiddos as well. As for the rocking chair, we wanted something comfy but modern looking that we could use down the road as well.

One of the most stunning pieces of this nursery is the chandelier from Lulu & Georgia. Usually I stay away from this site because it tends to be on the expensive side but every now and then you can catch a sale that makes it all worth it. I think this chandelier is such a statement piece and will be able to grow with her as she gets older. I’ve gotten so many questions about the rug that brought the room together but also wasn't too girly. I’ve never been in love with pink things but this rug from Overstock definitely caught my eye with the thickness and fun, yet modern, design.

As for our changing table, we ended up reusing an old piece of furniture from my mom and turning it into an item we could reuse down the road in another home. This took the most time because we had to paint it black, spray paint the fixtures gold, then sand down the bottom and stain it to look the color we wanted. Although time consuming, this was a fun project because we were able to transform something not so pretty into something amazing.


This was the best part… finding items that fit our style while making her room unique to what we thought her personality might be like. I’m also always mindful about items that don’t take up space just because, but instead, they bring us happiness and we hope they’ll do the same for her.

I’ll start with the changing table decor. I chose this changing basket because I really felt like it pulled in the chandelier and made the room have a more boho vibe. I also like that we can easily move it to other rooms of the house. I found this polka dot lamp from CB2 which I fell in love with even more when we received it. It’s ceramic so it’s not glossy but more of a stone look. It’s a keeper for a room in our future home.

The wall prints over her crib really brought the room together for me. I searched long and hard for three prints that would bring some color to the dark green wall while bringing me happiness each time I walked into the room. We thought these prints from Etsy really spoke to my health journey of being able to get pregnant naturally and all the beautiful moments that are to come.

As for plants, we are total plant nerds and love having greenery all over our house. We wanted to find a planter that was cheap but still brought some life to the room so we found this modern planter at World Market. I like that we will be able to use it down the road but also that it holds such a large plant with multiple size options.

When it comes to our windows, I really wanted to keep the beauty of the natural light but dress it up a bit. I found the gold curtain rods from Target for super cheap and they were easy to install. I love the simplicity of the windows when you walk into the room.



Storage and organization is a big thing for me so I found these stackable wood storage shelves from Target. I purchased 6 of them and used the others in her closet for more storage.

We also wanted to have some wall decor to hold baby books, pictures and plants so we found a local shop that made these beautiful honeycomb shelves. We were able to customize our design and color of the wood which made it easy and they were very affordable.

We haven’t purchased many toys or stuffed animals for her because she already got gifted a good amount of stuffed animals since finding out we were pregnant. We knew we would need some storage down the road though so I purchased these baskets from Amazon for toys and they turned out to be cheap and perfect for what we were looking for.

Stay tuned for my next blog post with all our top baby products and registry items. You can find most links to the above products on my WEBSITE or my AMAZON site. Thanks for visiting!