Scale Be Gone

Celebrating big time because it has been 6 months since I touched the scale! Feeling a FREEDOM that I cannot even put into words. 

I used to weigh myself every morning then give myself a pat on the back when the scale was down and punish myself, by restricting, if it was up. This constant roller coaster made me miserable yet I continued the process. I was addicted to getting smaller and smaller, but more importantly, the feeling of being in control.

I looked into the mirror one day and realized I was withering away and extremely unhappy. I wasn't strong and determined, just skinny and unconfident in my body.

TODAY I love myself a lot more and give my body exactly what it needs... fats + carbs + REAL FOOD. Today, I feel stronger than ever before. Not just physically, but mentally. That day, I told myself I deserved more than this lifestyle of restricting the foods I love and punishing my body for craving the foods it needed to stay fueled. 

Every day is still a challenge but I promised myself I would never calorie count or step on a scale again (unless needed for medical reasons) and I've stayed true to that. I started listening to my body, finding a balance in my workout routine and eating foods that made me FEEL GOOD versus skinny. I hope this inspires those of you struggling with your own body image issues to let go of that control and just be you.